Creative and Cultural

Have you considered a career in the Creative and Cultural Industries?

 Between 2008-10 the Australian Arts and Cultural industries contributed almost $105 billion to the Australian economy and employed more than 100,000 Australians.

Creative and Cultural industries play an important role in Australian communities. There is increasing acknowledgement of the significant contribution that these sectors make to the quality of life for people and communities outside their traditional services including positive wellbeing, combating social exclusion, lifelong learning, empowerment and supporting local communities.

The diversity of the creative and cultural industries embraces a wide range of art forms, media and applications. They comprise significant and influential sectors that have traditionally been identifiable as discrete entities. Now, in the digital era, industry boundaries are becoming blurred as communication, technology, entertainment and information management merges and takes new forms.

Career Options may include:

  • Curator of Museums
  • Dancer or Dance Instructor
  • Library Assistant
  • Multimedia Design
  • Graphic Designer
  • Musician / Actor
  • Radio / Television Broadcasting
  • Sound/Lighting/Staging/Vision Technician
  • Stage Management
  • Arts Worker
  • Artist (Jewellery Maker, Sculptor, Painter)

Creative and Cultural Qualifications

There are a total of 6 training packages in this diverse sector, namely:

  • Library, Information and Cultural Services (CUL11)
  • Visual Arts, Craft & Design (CUV11)
  • Music Industry (CUS09)
  • Live Performance and Entertainment (CUA)
  • Screen and Media (CUF07)

These training packages are developed by Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA)

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