Printing and Graphic Arts

Innovative and creative technologies have seen the printing and graphic arts industry become a dynamic vehicle to satisfy the growing visual appetite of global business and the consumer.

Australia's Printing & Graphic Arts industry provides critical services both to businesses and organisations across all sectors of the nation's economy.

Imagine trying to run a commercial business without the printing and graphic arts industries. Good luck marketing or selling your wares without office signage, point of sale material, merchandising, sales catalogue, newspaper or magazine advertisements, product packaging or even a corporate logo.

The rapid change in technology and sophisticated printing machinery are transforming the printing and graphic arts industry and as a result job opportunities in areas like digital production are expanding exponentially.

Careers Options may include:

  • Graphic Artist / Designer
  • Screen Printer and Stencil Preparer
  • Web Publisher
  • Website Designer
  • Binder and Finisher
  • Digital Print Operator
  • Multimedia Production Technician
  • Sack/Bag Maker

Printing and Graphic Arts Qualifications

The Printing and Graphic Arts Training Package (ICP10) includes 34 qualifications that are recognized nationally by industry and training regulators. Qualifications range from Certificate II to Diploma in various specialist areas. This training package is developed by Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA)