Vocational education and training or VET gives Australians the opportunity to gain the skills they need to enter the workforce for the first time, to re-enter the workforce, to retrain for a new job or to upgrade their skills for an existing job.

Australian Apprenticeships are available in traditional trades, and in a diverse range of emerging careers, in most sectors of business and industry.

The Australian Government takes a lead role in promoting a post-school education and training system that is nationally consistent and coherent; responsive to individual, industry and community needs; and recognised as providing quality outcomes. To achieve this, the Australian Government works with state and territory governments, education and training providers, and industry.

Department of Business

The Department of Business (DoB) helps the Australian Government achieve its agenda for post-school education and training through three distinct, but closely interrelated, areas:

  • quality policy advice and other support provided to the Minister, underpinned by capabilities in research, analysis and evaluation that also inform the policy debate within the vocational education and training and higher education sectors
  • efficient national programme management
  • effective working relationships with state and territory governments, industry, education and training providers, and other stakeholders.

The department administers diverse programmes and legislation to achieve the Australian Government's policy objectives. It also collaborates with Centrelink to deliver some programmes, and manages a Business Partnership Agreement with Centrelink for this purpose.

The department also provides funding to support the Australian Government's role in promoting the uptake of information and communication technology in education and training.